"Continuing a centuries-old family tradition of presenting great home and chamber performances in exclusive private spaces for the enjoyment of distinguished guests and close friends. The Pachta legacy goes back hundreds of years to Mozart and before."

1628 - Grand Legacy beginnings

A long time ago in a land far, far, away  . . .

The Pachta family of Austria received their title and coat of arms from Holy Roman Emperor Ferdinand II in 1628. Owing to their nobility and palatial estates, chamber concerts were a natural part of day-to-day living. In fact, a later descendant, Johann Josef Graf Pachta, (1723-1822) distinguished himself as a major patron of the musical life and culture of Prague. He had his own orchestras and regularly hosted concerts and soirées in his various palaces. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and  Konstanze were Graf (Count) Pachta's regular guests on such occasions. Later, in gratitude for his hospitality and patronage, Mozart composed the "Six German Dances" (K.509) in the Count's honor. Arpad, Guido and Tony Lamell are the direct descendants today in the Pachta line.

1911 - 1971 The Grand Legacy continues

Maria-Agnes Pachta-Reyhofen's father, Manfred Graf Pachta, served as Governor of a region in Austria. He entertained frequently in chamber concerts at home. His daughter "Mimi," who had become an accomplished pianist and singer, was often featured. In later life, she married architect,

painter, and violinist Robert Lamell. They emigrated to the US after the

Grand Legacy Studio Today

What's old is new again. Continuing and extending the family tradition through media and technology, Grand Legacy Studio produces chamber-scale performances for live audiences in the intimate settings of the Lamell homes in Houston and Santa Monica and in collaboration with other like-minded host/sponsors.

war, settling down in Oklahoma to raise three sons in a home filled with music and art. True to their heritage, they often invited family friends and artists for evenings of music.

Mimi recorded live at age 70 during Mass at Christ the King

Arpad Lamell, Guido Lamell . . Grand Legacy Studio . . Houston . . Santa Monica.



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